First 3 deaths from West Nile Virus of 2017 confirmed in SoCal

The first three deaths from West Nile Virus contracted in 2017 in California have been confirmed, state health officials said. The three people who died from the mosquito-borne virus were from Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Kern counties. The Los Angeles County victim was described as a resident of the San Fernando Valley who was hospitalized in early August and ...

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Pizza Might Be A Superfood In The Future, Nutritionist Says

Pexels I look at the kale-eating, courgette-spiralising people who fork out on the new ‘super food’ every month and just think, ‘but what about pizza?’. Much to all junk-food lovers’ delight. one nutrition scientist has predicted that the much loved pizza could become a superfood. So we may not have to compromise our need for cheese and dough thanks to ...

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Kenya Imposes World’s Toughest Laws Against Utilizing Or Producing Single-Use Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are a significant environmental problem.   cribe/Shutterstock By Josh Davis Employing an plastic bag may well be. The East African country has now imposed what is believed to be the world’s toughest laws for those caught generating, selling, or perhaps utilizing single-use plastic bags, the end result of which entails being sent to jail for four decades or getting ...

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