Clementine Ford, Aquinas College: Feminist refuses boys’ questions, sparks walkout

Clementine Ford on The Project

Feminist writer Clementine Ford about The Project struggles as a feminist writer. Courtesy: The Project

  • June 25th 2015
  • two years ago
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After she will not answer question from year 10 boys in a college 20, Clementine Ford induces walkout.

SOME schoolgirls staged a walkout on feminist Clementine Ford later she refused to take questions from male pupils at exclusive Aquinas College at Melbourne.

Activist and the 35-year-old blogger was divorced by parents after she blocked concerns in the secondary college.

This year, the episode, which caused some Aquinas pupils to walk out of Ford’s talk, occurred in May.

1 angry parent claimed Ford had treated exactly the 15-year-old male students “like crap”.

“The boys needed to ask her questions, and that she refused to answer questions from boys. She goes, ‘No no, I’m just taking questions in girls,”’ parent Darren advised Melbourne Radio 3AW.

“The ones that turned on her after she treated the boys like crap, was that the girls who made up and left.”

The father said following the fallout in the conversation, Ford “went nuts, so she crucified the boys online and the college had to perform a massive backpedal”.

Clementine Ford has lashed out at schoolboys after refusing to answer their questions at a talk for which she was paid.

Clementine Ford has lashed out in schoolboys after refusing to answer their queries in a talk where she was paid. Resource:News Limited

Ford later said she was not paid to ‘deal with ongoing bulls**t and demands from small-minded boys who cannot handle being shown their world view is limited’.

Ford after said she wasn’t paid to ‘deal with continuing bulls**t and needs from small-minded boys who aren’t able to handle being revealed their world view is restricted’. Resource:SBS

Ford, who was hired to speak at the faculty on sex and popular culture, has denied allegations on societal websites that the boys had been mistreated by her.

Ford took to Twitter into lambast her critics because “p*ssants” and “mad w*nks”.

In one answer, she said: “I answered queries for 15 minutes afterwards, longer than I was contracted for.”

She stated she was paid to speak for 50 minutes, but “I wasn’t paid to manage continuing bulls**t and needs from small minded boys who cannot handle being revealed their world view is restricted”.

Clementine Ford (middle) complained she had been abused with a four-letter word, but she has used it herself on social media.

Clementine Ford (centre) complained she was mistreated with a four-letter sentence, but she has used it herself on social media. Resource:News Corp Australia

“The reason I needed myself to depart was because my time was up and I had to get home to my baby so that my spouse could go to get the job done.”

Ford stated she had obtained offensive messages from Aquinas pupils on her Twitter and Facebook reports and complained she was called a “c***”.

But at a July 2013 tweet, Ford used the term freely, posting on Twitter: “Too many c***s on twitter today. C***y c*** c*** c********. #c***.”

Observing the May episode, Aquinas College delivered parents a letter stating it could later on update its program to hire Ford to address pupils.


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