Kenya Imposes World’s Toughest Laws Against Utilizing Or Producing Single-Use Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are a significant environmental problem.   cribe/Shutterstock

By Josh Davis

Employing an plastic bag may well be. The East African country has now imposed what is believed to be the world’s toughest laws for those caught generating, selling, or perhaps utilizing single-use plastic bags, the end result of which entails being sent to jail for four decades or getting a fine of up to $40,000.

The country now joins more than 40 others globally that have pioneered similar laws forbidding the use of plastic bags either partially or entirely, or even presenting a tax on them, such as China, the uk, and Rwanda. The ubiquity of the items, which trigger a manner of issues since they are thrown to land fill, the streets, and more often than not the oceans, has meant that many nations are currently re-thinking their attitude.

Clearly, the most important dilemma of plastic bags would be their intention. After which they could take between 500 and 1,000 years to deteriorate, taking petroleum and power to produce, they are just used once before being thrown off. In the oceans, they break down to micro plastics, which can be then thought to be consumed by birds, turtles, and fish. If those fish is eaten by humans, then we also can end up consuming the plastics.

But it isn’t just in those environments that a problem is there. Cattle in Kenya roam. Back in Nairobi, some cows which have been delivered to the slaughterhouse have been murdered just for the employees to wind up to 20 plastic bags stuck in their stomachs, which then have to get scooped from the carcass. Now it’s a daily thing, while this may have been an infrequent occurrence 10 decades before.

The legislation in Kenya was noted for harsh it currently is unique selling point. It’s taken 10 decades and three attempts to get the law passed by authorities, and while technically, law enforcement can now charge anybody found with a plastic tote, in fact, officials are more likely to concentrate primarily on producers and suppliers, to tackle the problem at the origin.


Kenya Imposes World's Toughest Laws Against Using Or Producing Single-Use Plastic Bags


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